The Bodycare AEROMIX System

A professional paint mixing system for the custom filling of aerosols and touch ups for both retail and trade customers. The system provides an effective and valuable profit centre for a relatively small investment of capital and with the best utilisation of your floor space.
This system has been specifically designed and developed for you >>>

The Retail Motor Factor

Your Potential Profits £££££

Typical cost to produce a 350ml aerosol is £5.10    RRP £13.99
Typical cost to produce a 100ml touch up bottle is £3.45  RRP £10.50
Typical cost to produce a touch up pen is £2,30    RRP £9.50

There is also a great opportunity for additional add on sales of primers, lacquers,  abrasives, masking paper and tape, thinners, compounds, body fillers, polishes, wipes and much more. (See our range of add on products).

Our figures show that the average AEROMIX System has sales of 35 aerosols per week plus touch up pens and bottles, this can generate over £15k  per annum and with the add on sales this figure could be doubled

Bodycares own aerosol filling system

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