Maintenance Sprays

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Carburettor Cleaner 500ml
Motip Adhesive/Glue Spray 400ml
Glue spray for both permanent and temporary adhesion. Suitable to glue paper, cardboard, wood, texti..
Motip Anit Weld Spray 400ml
Motip Anti- Welding spray prevents welding splatter from sticking to the welding and surrounding are..
Motip Brake Cleaner 400ml
Motip Brake Cleaner is suited for removing oil, grease, dirt, brake fluid from brake drums, pads, di..
Motip Carburettor Cleaner 400ml
Cleans the exterior and interior of carburettors, non corrosive and leaves no residue.   ..
Motip Contact Cleaner 400ml
Motip Contact Cleaner is a high-quality cleaner that ensures long-lasting conductivity for contacts...
Motip Copper Spray 400ml
Motip copper grease is a high quality thin liquid lubricating with a high copper content that is par..
Motip Electro Protect 400ml
Motip Electro Protect prevents ignition problems caused by moisture. Due to extremely good penetrati..
Motip Gasket Remover 400ml
Motip Gasket Remover Is Suitable for the quick and easy removal of burnt dry adhesive residues, oil ..
Motip Impregnation Spray 400ml
A spray to protect leather and textile for moisture and the adhesion of dirt. ..
Motip Multi Spray 400ml
Universal oil to lubricate and protect metals and plastics. Removes oil, grease, wax and tar ..
Motip Penetrating Oil 400ml
Motip Penetrating Oil with rust protection reduces friction and enables tight bolts or rusted parts ..
Motip PTFE Dry 400ml
Dry surface lubricant for treating mechanical parts made of metal and plastic e.g folding roofs, doo..
Motip PTFE Oil Spray 400ml
Motip PTFE oil is a high quality synthetic all purpose lubricant with powerful moisture and rust rep..
Motip Sanding Aid 400ml
Fast drying black control lacquer as aid for sanding. ..
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